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WE can bring to dog shows and give to handlers if you arrange with them to deliver to you

MY RESEARCH I have been involved in breeding for over 25 years (since 1989).
I have seen breeders try kiddie swimming pools, Xpens, baby play pens
and I even built a Puppy Box out of Plywood, but nothing worked or lasted, or looked nice
So I spent over 5 years and well over $3,000.00 trying different materials and prototypes
to come up with the perfect solution for Breeders to whelp and raise
their puppies safely, cleanly and effectively in
that could fold away to be easily stored and not damage my hard wood flooring.
!! No more stinky, ugly, old damaged, bulky, Whelping Boxes !!

My Whelping Box in 1989
I built this following Muriel Freemen's directions in "the Complete Rottweiler"
(an excellent book for new breeders)

Well most often what people are smelling is stinky urine covered, whelping or puppy boxes.
Breeders will never believe their boxes stink, because they get so accustomed they can't smell it.
TRUST ME, your wood whelping box, my wood whelping box,
STINKS and puppy people do smell it and judge you for it.

Breeders most often use wood boxes as they are cheap to custom build and are durable.
However they need to be sealed or painted or needed new linoleum/rubber lining.
Boxes damaged the flooring underneath of them and urine also still leaks out
No matter what 'band aid' methods I did, that wood box always held the smell of urine.
First thing we hear from puppy people TODAY is, "wow your home smells so clean"
Well that is because of our plastic whelping box, it just does not hold smell

With wood boxes, bacteria and disease, are also passed along to one litter after the other.
Wood Boxes always looked too horrible to show puppy people and never looked good in any photos.
Not to mention trying to find room to store a bulky, stinky wooden box in-between litters.

Hard Plastic Kiddie Pools do work, but pups can get squished because there is no puppy rail and
in-between litters, it is difficult to find storage room for a big huge Pool
and the round shape of a Pool means it takes up a lot of space, or does not fit, in a bedroom
and because of the shorter sides, we have had pups crawl up mom's back and fall out of the pool !
Lets face it, they just look unprofessional as well.
The final straw, was when my litter of Boston Terriers got a bacteria infection from the pool
their little bodies with sores, I knew I needed a better quality, whelping box.

I thought "there has to be a better way".


FOR SALE: $250.00
Assembles in seconds, stores away flat
Professional looking, takes great puppy photos
no ugly logos and a bright cherry colour to highlight your beautiful puppies.
We have built this in white, but do not recommend it.

Size: 43" x 48" x 20"
* Light weight
* Easy to sanitize
* No tool assembly
* Reinforced corners
* Scrubbable Plastic
* Has an attached bottom
* Folds away for easy storage
* Clean looking for puppy photos
* Can put your own logo on the Box
* High sides, keeps mess and pups contained
* 3 Adjustable door heights as puppies grow
* Ideal for travelling to dog shows with, to have on hand, "just in case" you need it
** PVC white Puppy Rails and Vinyl flat floating Rails, available at additional cost **
FOR SALE: $250.00

* Video of our whelping box being assembled
Puppy Rails available at an additional cost on our Accessory Page

Lots of room for 80 lbs mother and her 11 big puppies
*Click to view other Breeds and their litters
Puppy box is showing our "vinyl floating rails" from our Accessory Page
Puppies are wearing our Puppy ID Bands

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Whelping boxes have 3 door levels to adjust in height as pups grow
Optional puppy Rails available

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Lots of room in our whelping boxes for large breed mom, pups and Breeder to help whelp
Our model dogs, are Standard Poodles 25" tall and 68 lbs
which should give you an idea of how much room there is.
Dalmatians, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers have all used our Whelping Box
*Click to view our References

*Video of our Royal Blue Whelping Box
UPDATE Whelping Box does NOT come with rails
they are available for an additional fee, on our accessory page: http://www.puppybox4u.com/Accessories.html

12" x 24"
Available on our Accessory Page
IF you have a digger and are worried about the heating pad or the cord... no problem
Place the heating pad under the whelping box so mom can't get at it.
First, lay down a mat or heavy towel onto the floor, sit the heating pad onto that
Lay another towel or use the heating pad jacket (set on medium) as a barrier to the box and heating pad
Sit the whelping box onto the heating pad centre of the box.
you should feel heat when you sit in the whelping box now.
IF you want the heating pad "in" the box and are worried about the cord
Centre the heating pad in the box and feed cord between base of the box and the walls to plug in
Heating pads should always be wearing a pad cover
IF you have moms that dig a lot to nest, to protect the whelping box base, you will need
Some G-Flooring, rubber shower stall liner, or other heavy rubber flooring
or matting, to cover and protect the Whelping Box Base
until mom has finished delivering and or is more settled.

WE HIGHLY recommend lining your Whelping Box with Dry Sheathing as a barrier to the flooring
This roll product is made from a uniform flexible felt of organic fibres.
This product is used under shingles and or hard wood flooring.
Also this product keeps pups dry and free of newsprint and will not be messy like newspapers
and mother can't really dig this up easily as is thicker than newspapers.
I put the edges under my whelping box ends to hold in place
You can get this product from Home Depot for usually around $24.00/roll
Or roofing or flooring companies.


Custom accessories and features




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